Proven cost savings – The service pays for itself

The majority of our customers experience a dramatic reduction in their fraud losses, as high as 95%. The returns are identifiable as early as the first days after integration. Our service not only pays for itself but offers remarkable returns by:

  • Reducing or eliminating charge-backs: Errors and mistakes are eliminated because consistent analysis is applied in an automated manner throughout.  End-users are able to view and analyze all relevant transaction data faster, resulting in an increase in the amount of fraud identified
  • Preventing loss of revenue caused by false positives:Fewer legitimate customers are flagged as suspicious. Good orders are processed without interruption. Customer service is improved
  • Increasing productivity in monitoring:  A dynamic queuing system combined with an inspection view customized to your unique business needs delivers all the relevant transaction details required for quick resolution. Analysts stay focused on risky activities and waste less time validating good customer orders and interactions.
  • Improving customer satisfaction: Οur non-intrusive technology helps you maintain a hassle-free process for your good customers while fraudsters and fraud rings are shut down before they have any chance to contact your customers.

Customized to your business

Fraudpointer’s platform is fully customizable in order to address the unique needs of a wide variety of industries to combat online fraud. Any technical or business characteristic can be inserted as an attribute and then can be used in unlimited assessment rules and profiles. Fraud teams can import, export and maintain any kind of positive or negative lists and use them in assessment rules. The system admin can create as many different roles as you wish and your users will be able to see and perform the actions related to their work.

Reduced dependency on internal software development resources

Fraud teams are able to perform everything in the system such as create new profiles, modify existing ones, add new rules, change scoring, manage lists etc easily and quickly, without waiting for help from technical people. This way they can respond to new fraud trends immediately or can test new strategies or improve the existing without any cross-departmental delays.

Lightning fast integration

From start to finish, the integration will take from some hours to a week depending on the number of integration points, the number of application specific attributes and your businesses experience with fraud. We provide you with client libraries for all popular languages and platforms and a full test environment to experiment.

Complements and integrates with existing tools

Fraudpointer’s platform can integrate with your CRM, ERP or existing custom-made fraud application and give to your business an extra layer of information and prevention. Depending on your needs you might select to integrate all services or just use our device fingerprinting technology or our reputation database.

Information security and compliance

When you trust your company’s information to Fraudpointer, you can be confident that your critical information is safe and secure. Fraudpointer’s information security team, is focused on keeping your information safe. Apart from strict internal policies on data access and security, Fraudpointer is compliant with U.S – EU Safe Harbor Principles.

99.9% up-time guarantee with synchronous replication

We guarantee that Fraudpointer service will be available at least 99.9% of the time, so your business can be more productive and can worry less about system downtime. With synchronous replication, the service and your data is simultaneously preserved in multiple secure data centers. If one data center is unable to serve your requests, the system is designed to instantly fall back to another data center that can serve your account with no interruption in service.

Helpful 24/7 customer support

Fraudpointer is easy to operate and highly reliable, but support is available for administrators should you need it.
Support options include:

  • Phone support for critical issues
  • Email support
  • Knowledge database