Device Fingerprinting

Take advantage of our advanced fingerprinting technology to uniquely identify the devices visiting your website. Go beyond fake personal information, IPs and proxies. View the transaction history of any device and connect users to devices. Detect high risk transactions based on device anomalies.

How permanent is each Device Fingerprint?

Fraudpointer technology goes way beyond traditional device fingerprinting methods which can be rather easily subverted. Fraudpointer assigns a unique identification name to each device interacting with your online business, using a highly enriched grid of attributes and which is bullet proof as subversion is concerned.

Why Device Fingerprinting is so useful?

When you conduct an online business, fake personal information, dynamic IP addresses and proxies are serious obstacles to let you know who your customer is in the real world. By using the Device fingerprinting feature inside your already powerful Rules Engine, practically helps you create a scam proof layer of protection against any fraudulent online attack.

Non-Personal Identifiable Information

Device Fingerprinting is based on various hardware and software characteristics and it does not contain any names, addresses or any other Personal Identifiable Information.