Digital Rights Misuse

The Problem

Protection of intellectual property is a primary concern to digital content providers. Piracy, copyright infringements and user-license violations are a major threat to the commercial efficiency and profitability of producers and distributors of software, music, images and the digital media industry. The fraud assessment window is minimal (a few seconds maximum) since consumers demand instant delivery and a hassle-free experience.

The typical digital content providers’ reaction includes:

Populate fraud prevention teams - labor inefficient Market exposure limitation - killing growth
Hard-coded rules - punishing good customers

Fraudpointer provides you with all the information you need to deliver digital media, allow account access and track its use while identifying misused accounts and preventing credit card fraud

How it works?

Unlike first generation anti-fraud services that rely on personally identifiable information (PII), Fraudpointer offers a three dimensional approach:
A sophisticated rules engine: Expose fraudsters by spotting specific characteristics in their behavior. Use our predefined industry specific templates or create a new one based on your experience and achieve a quick win on identifying real-time with precision high risk transactions without harassing your good customers.

Device identification technology: Our technology assigns a unique fingerprint to each device (computer or mobile) visiting your website. Going beyond personally identifiable information, ip address, proxies or bank identification number, you can connect a series of events/transactions to a specific device and protect your business from multiple attacks where cyber criminals appear as different customers.

A multi-million strong reputation database:  Take advantage of the power of the shared history and experience from a wide network of online businesses and fraud professionals to immediately identify suspicious devices. Compare transaction anomalies, velocities and geolocation to the shared intelligence on a multi-million database of devices and their attributes.


Immediately reduce online Digital Rights misuse with instant and real-time assessment. Reduce manual review costs and improve assessment accuracy using a rich set of data and automation. Take advantage of a multi-million strong, cross-industry wide reputation database and improve your intelligence.
Utilize data from your transactions to prevent account take overs and origination of new fraudulent accounts
Identify good from fraudulent users so that you can concentrate on expanding your business and maximizing revenue
Quickly integrate and build on top of your existing investment in fraud management tools