Screening Profiles

Use unlimited screening profiles to manage different domains, markets or products using different rules, scoring and case management:

  • Manage multiple domains under the same account
  • Create as many screening profiles as you need according to your business processes (per product, per market, per customer group or with any criteria suits you best)
  • Set the rules to dynamically select the assessment profile for each case according to your domains, products or services, value of transaction etc or your custom attributes
  • Create your custom profiles or kick-start with our industry specific templates
  • No IT coding required

Rules Engine & Attributes

Create unlimited multilevel rules with negative or positive scores – without any help from technical resources – by combining system or custom attributes such as:

  • Geolocation and IP attributes
    • True IP address and true geolocation down to city level
    • Detection of IP proxy (even hidden proxies)
    • Differentiate between good customers using legitimate corporate and ISP proxies and fraudsters using hidden proxies
  • Device identity attributes
    • Use advanced device identification technology to detect multiple transactions even when user, credit card or connection attributes are changed
    • Detect the use of botnets attempting to automate credit card tasting using scripts
    • Recognize customers travelling overseas based on recognizing their laptop
    • Identify high risk transaction based on device anomalies or suspicious computer configurations
  • Velocity rules
    • Create account wide velocity rules for devices, credit cards hash, IPs, e-mails and almost any attribute you wish
    • Use global velocity rules for devices, credit cards hash and IPs and take advantage of multi-merchant transaction histories/shared data
  • Credit card attributes
    • Global and account level velocity information for credit card hash
    • Validation of the credit card issuing bank (BIN) against the information provided by the customer
    • Validation of customers billing address against the country of the credit card issuing bank
    • Custom attributes
    • Detect inconsistencies in device, location and payment information using computer forensics
    • Score on custom attributes such as product type or rewards membership
    • Create custom patterns and device recognition rules for transaction linking
    • Leverage global network for detection of suspicious transaction behavior

Reputation Database

Businesses using Fraudpointer benefit from accessing a multi-million deep database of device intelligence that builds up from millions of online transactions. Fraudpointer is using advanced device recognition technology and combines device fingerprints with fraud and abuse histories, to establish positive or negative reputations. These reputations are based on Non-Personal Identifiable Information.

Advanced Device Fingerprinting

Combining hundreds of anonymous characteristics from a web transaction and analyzing them in real-time, Fraudpointer assigns a unique identity per device. Our advanced algorithm uses static and dynamic data managed by browsers, operating systems and system configuration to differentiate a device among hundrets of thousands. Then looks up this device in our global reputation database in real-time and helps you decide whether to trust the computer to create a new account, use a credit card or login.

Extensive List functionality

  • Create, manage and use in your rules any type of list according to your business needs
  • Easily black-list or white-list device, anonymous credentials or any other attribute
  • Import and export lists from excel
  • Expand your lists dynamically using work-flows

Dynamic Queues

  • Consolidated review data to streamline order review
  • Customizable case management layouts and search parameters
  • Automated case ownership and priority assignment
  • Optionally export of data to your case system via our API/XML interface
  • Developed to leverage operational efficiencies
  • Ensures the review of orders needed to be approved or denied

Users and Roles

  • Create unlimited custom user roles with different privileges
  • Create and manage unlimited users
  • Review their performance


  • Informative dashboard for quick evaluation of system and team performance
  • Search and filter assessment cases based on any criteria or attribute and export to excel
  • Monitor accept/review/reject rates daily
  • Detect changes in fraud patterns based on historical ratios
  • Review open case aging
  • Analyze fraud cases per profile

Lightning fast integration

From start to finish, the integration will take from some hours to a week depending on the number of integration points, the number of application specific attributes and your businesses experience with fraud. We provide you with client libraries for all popular languages and platforms and a full test environment to experiment.