Fraudpointer for Google Apps™

Fraudpointer integrates seamlessly with Google Apps to let you access Fraudpointer from your Google® universal navigation bar, synch your users, export or import your lists and cases to Google Docs and easily send invitations to your Google contacts and boost your revenue by referral commissions. 

How does it work?

Fraudpointer for Google Apps is a Software as a Service platform that enables businesses to prevent online fraud. The service combines a sophisticated but easy to use rules engine, a multi-million deep online reputation database and an advance device fingerprinting technology.

Fraudpointer helps businesses to successfully prevent “card not present” transaction fraud, account take-overs, digital rights misuse and abusive behaviors

Simply add Fraudpointer to your Google Apps account and start fighting fraud today!

How much does it cost?

First 500 transactions are offered FREE of charge EVERY month for ALL accounts. If your monthly volume exceeds those 500 transactions then the pricing starts from 0.02 €/transaction. Learn more

What about security and privacy?

Only an authorized Google administrator can install and roll out Google Apps, including Fraudpointer for Google Apps. This administrator also selects which company users should synch with Fraudpointer and in what access level. Once joined, each employee can see just the part of the information for which he or she has been priveleged.