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For every friend or affiliate organization which joins and starts using Fraudpointer, we'll give you 10% of the revenue created by this account for the first year and 5% of the revenue created by this account for the second year! On the other hand each account which sign ups using an invitation by you gets a 10% discount on all pricing plans for the first year of use.

Sign up as a Partner, send your invitations and afterwards you can view the status of your referrals in the Partner tab of your activated account, the revenues they have created and all related commissions which are to be paid to you. Active customers of Fraudpointer using already the platform are potential Partners themselves too, by accessing their Partner dashboard and send invitations through their account.

Whether you have or you have not an online business activity you can spread the word about Fraudpointer and boost your revenues! 

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The Fraudpointer platform and approach is indeed unique in the market. It is a perfect blend of high end software technology, sophisticated fraud prevention techniques, flexibility and functionality. This is the reason we have been chosen by different categories of vendors, service providers or even end-customers on the online market as permanent partners, such us:

Existing customers

Existing account holders are automatically potential Partners.

Software houses

Developers or Providers of complete software solutions, software modules or of online service platforms for online industries like: Financial services, E-commerce, Airlines and Online Travel, Online Gambling & Betting, Dating or Social networking, Digital rights (like image banks, digital media  etc), Online Gaming or Management and Administration software (like ERP, CRM etc)

Web developers

Designers, Developers or Providers of websites that require a form of dynamic transaction with visitor, on all related, previously mentioned, online industries.

Content Management System (CMS) providers

Developers or Providers of CMS platforms that require a form of dynamic transaction with visitor, on all related, previously mentioned, online industries.

Online Payment Service providers

Providers of any of the above services regarding any online activity

"...Finally we found what we were looking for Open, Flexible and Safe platform...perfect for the protection of all our customers....”
Kostas Theotokas, Founder & CEO of ATCOM, Leading world-class software vendor of CMS solutions

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Our best-in-class fraud management solution combined with the extended capabilities of our partners, addressed to different kind of industries of the online business, create together a complete package, perfect to keep all final customers, either small companies or big institutions, safe and satisfied. If interested to and still have some questions do not hesitate to contact us on: