The Fraudpointer service is offered with full features in two plans, “Pay as you Go” and “Packaged transactions”

Pay as you Go

When using our “Pay as you Go” plan you get charged on a monthly calendaristic basis for the amount of transactions you are effecting. First 500 transactions are offered FREE of charge EVERY month for ALL accounts. If your monthly volume exceeds those 500 transactions then you need to insert your credit card which will be charged automatically at the end of each month with the calculated fee based on prices per transaction, as follows:

  • First 500 transactions per month are entirely FREE!
  • Over 501 transactions per month the cost is 0,045 € per tx
  • Over 4.500 transactions per month the cost is 0,040 € per tx
  • Over 7.500 transactions per month the cost is 0,035 € per tx
  • Over 15.000 transactions per month the cost is 0,030 € per tx
  • Over 25.000 transactions per month the cost is 0,025 € per tx
  • Over 45.000 transactions per month the cost is 0,020 € per tx
An account makes 12500 tx in one month, let's say in July.

-First is calculated the number of transactions to be charged:

12500 tx - 500 tx (which are free of charge) = 12000 tx
-Then is picked up the price per transaction to be applied based on the pricelist above. In our example, since the number of effected transactions is 12500 tx, the unit price to be used is: 0,035€/tx
-Is calculated and charged (on the beginning of August)  the fee of July, as follows:
12000 tx X 0,035 €/tx = 420,00 €

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Packaged Transactions

When using the “Packaged transactions” plan you are pre-buying at bulk prices a package of transactions that you may use within ANY time of period you wish and you take advantage of our discounted pricing. First 500 tx EVERY month are offered as always FREE of charge, even if you choose to use a Packaged Transaction plan.

  • 300.000 transactions at € 6.000
  • 600.000 transactions at € 7.500
  • 900.000 transactions at € 9.000