Product Overview

Start reducing fraud today

Fraudpointer offers a sophisticated but simple to set-up and use, fraud management tool for any size business – without any hardware of software cost – to help you reduce online fraud and increase your productivity. Sign up today for your FREE account.

A full set of  Global Validation Tests and Services

  • Device fingerprinting
  • Velocity monitoring
  • IP Geolocation down to city level
  • Issuer bank name and country
  • Positive and negative list
  • Custom fields for your own data
  • Many more…

Powerful Business User Rule Management Interface

  • Make your customer custom profiles or use our pre-defined industry specific templates tailored to each of your products and markets
  • Use custom and pre-defined rules to evaluate/monitor any kind of information or pattern
  • “Test mode” allows you to test new rules before putting them in real use

Case Management System

  • Consolidates review data to streamline review
  • Automated second stage screening to reduce need for review
  • Automated case ownership and priority assignment
  • Automated queue SLA management
  • Optional export of data to your case system via our API/XML interface

Community powered reputation database

  • Multi-merchant transaction histories/shared data
  • Velocity monitoring for device, IP and many more attributes