Professional Services

Fraudpointer offers the following services designed to help new or existing customers derive the fullest possible value from our platform:

Initial account Set up & Integration

Some customers require assistanThis is the starting point for all our customers in order to integrate their existing system with the Fraudpointer online platform and start fighting fraud. Fraudpointer platform can be implemented by customer without our professional help (due to the advanced software design features & the complete literature which is open for all active accounts). However some of our customers prefer to trust this implementation work to our Support Team and focus on their core business.
The initial account set up is realized in most of the cases by remote access of our authorized IT developer to your system upon common agreement of what is needed to be done in order to start using Fraudpointer. For large scale corporations or accounts, the initial account set up will probably require previously a meeting with the development team setting all the goals & the parameters of the implementation.


Some customers require assistance & anti-fraud consultation  before or after the implementation of Fraudpoionter. Our Support Team can provide on-site or remote assistance for management members of the fraud prevention department.
Our deep experience consulting services help our customers to focus more on their core online business and work efficiently fighting the online fraud. Consultation can include analysis, definition and prioritization of requirements, security analysis as well as policy and practice definition, identification of special customization needs, particularities of the application, system modifications and other enhancements.

Staff Training

The Fraudpointer support Team help on the efficiency of the customer’s fraud prevention team by providing professional training, remotely or on site. Training is a critical element when deploying any new technology. Our training programs have been developed specially on the dynamically changing real world of fraud intervention process. In this way the fraud analysts improve or update their investigative skills and learn how to manage the features and functionality of the Fraudpointer platform more effectively.

Rules Training & Tune Up

The Rules Engine and all parameters connected to it, is the core of the platform’s protection shield. In this aspect special training sessions have been developed by our team addressed to fraud analyst officers who are responsible for the setting and updating of Rules and Profiles. Those sessions include basic rules of Rules Engine, customization per industry and activity, modification of rule annotation and rule results, correct use of profiles, lists and queues etc
For existing customers with recorded historical transaction data, the Fraudpointer Support Team undertakes the fine tuning of the Rules Engine in order to optimize the result. Analyzing the historical true and not true resolutions our team produce a report with necessary proposed modifications on the settings of the Rules Engine including usually, custom match new attributes, anomaly thresholds and others.

Statistical Development  & Modeling of Rules

In some kind of business activities the fine tuning of the Rules Engine implicates a much more complicated statistical analysis. Fraudpointer’s team can provide the development of advanced statistical models which are based on your historic transactions and current fraud experiences. Those statistical models lead to the necessary modifications on the Rules Engine in order to optimize your fraud prevention shield.

Platform Customization

Fraudpointer platform, its working space and its basic features are all designed with main criteria the optimized functionality on most of business activities. However , for those industry applications that require a special customization on the platform in order to fit perfectly on your daily anti fraud operation, then our team will be happy to effect it for you.

Manual Review Outsourcing

Fraudpointer team, based on the developed through the years expertise, on fraud assessment, can provide the manual review of your transactions, as an outsource service. Our fraud analysts are trained and updated with the latest fraud preventions techniques.  Experience shows that the outsourcing of the monitoring and the manual review of your cases in most business sectors functions in a revolutionary way on your benefit, since it  let you concentrate in your main core business, letting the daily “headache” to others and succeeding substantial cost savings.

Quarterly Reviews

Reporting & periodical professional feedback on your account’s efficiency help you improve your anti fraud protection through the timeline. The Fraudpointer team undertakes to collect and process the data of your account providing an evaluation regarding your overall perfomance on using the platform including many useful infomatio like fraud screening rules, staff use of Fraudpointer, chargeback analysis and many others aspects of your fraud prevention daily process.

Key Account Management

Usually large scale corporations with great in numbers accounts require on a periodical way (weekly or monthly) ongoing status calls. This live and precise feedback on the active status of the account helps identify any issues to the deployment or use of the platform and insures that  existing customers derive the fullest possible value from the Fraudpointer platform.

Project Management

Disregarding the cost and time factor everything is possible. That is indeed true but not applicable on the online business sector. The hostile environment of the web let survive only partnerships that are in position to finish certain amount of work on the agreed time and on the agreed cost. Acting on a proactive way our project management team is used to work under stress and under certain time limits. All projects that the Fraudpointer team undertakes (new implementations, customization, training, new features on platfrom etc) follow the above principles. Always dedicated and focused.