Reputation Database

Take advantage of our multimillion deep reputation database to make better decisions by exposing devices, credit cards or other customer’s attributes connected with charge backs, identity theft scams and account take-overs. Protect your business from botnets and fraud-rings.
This unique intelligence that builds up from millions of online transactions incorporates the Fraudpointer advanced device recognition technology and combines device fingerprints with fraud and abuse histories, to establish positive or negative reputations.

Why Reputation Database feature is so useful?

Monitoring the past behavior and reputation of each customer out there on an account or a Global level delivers a unique feedback during fraud assessment process. In this way any online business can get protected even from unknown newly registered customers.

Non-Personal Identifiable Information

Reputation technology is based on device, credit card, IP and other characteristics and it does not contain any names, addresses or any other Personal Identifiable Information. What is unique with Fraudpointer is that its smart technology goes way beyond personal information and detects patterns and behaviors.

Velocity Rules

Create community wide velocity rules for devices, credit cards hash, IPs, e-mails and almost any attribute you wish. Use the reputation database contents in your daily online business activity by empowering your impenetrable Rules Engine even more.