Solutions by Industry

Financial Services

Financial firms, ranging from small institutions to big banks, are working hard to find the right balance between providing convenience for their customers and at the same time protect them from highly sophisticated criminals...Learn more

Airlines and Online Travel

The travel industry today is facing a challenging environment with rising costs and demand for competitive prices. Traditionally this sector is characterized of high value transactions with very small margins coming from international customers with different buying patterns where everything seems suspicious...Learn more


Internet fraud today brings e-tailers into a daily battle against sophisticated card-not-present (CNP) fraud schemes. In this effort they are forced to adopt higher rejection rates to reduce their risk — at the expense of more sales...Learn more

Online Gambling and Betting

Dense money activity always works as an attraction point for criminals. The same principle applies to online gambling/betting websites and cyber-criminals. Sophisticated fraud rings use gambling and betting websites to cash-out stolen credit cards, hijack and rob good customers or move and legalize black money...Learn more

Digital Rights

Protection of intellectual property is a primary concern of digital content providers. Piracy, copyright infringements and user-license violations are a major threat for the commercial efficiency and profitability of producers and distributors of software, music, images and the digital media industry...Learn more

Online Gaming

Protecting MMOs (massively multi-player online games) and virtual worlds from online fraud is a challenging task. There is a need to protect both the users and the business from bullies and criminals while at the same time keep the atmosphere inviting without disruptive security measures which may potentially cause a mass exodus...Learn more

Dating and Social Networking

Running a dating or a social networking site means enabling people to share personal information. People share when they feel that is safe to do so which means that you need to keep the door closed to spammers, predators and cyber bullies...Learn more