Airlines and Travel Industry

The travel industry today is facing a challenging environment with rising costs and demand for competitive prices. Traditionally this sector is characterized of high value transactions with very small margins coming from international customers with different buying patterns where everything seems suspicious.
Whether an airline, a hotel chain or an online travel agency the cost of fraud protection teams, the stolen/false load capacity and the charge backs are moving the focus away from increasing sales and improving customers satisfaction.

Airlines and travel companies reduce monitoring resources, free stolen capacity and minimize charge-backs using our service to:

-Deploy instantly with airline specific rule templates based on years of related experience
-Increase monitoring efficiency with the help of multi-parameter queuing. Your risk assessors can prioritize ticket purchases based on customer departure times, markets, even specific routes.
-Minimize reviewing time with the help of automatic analysis of suspect travel patterns, billing inconsistencies, high risk ticket details and many other data elements specific to the travel industry
-Enrich your analysis with velocity information from our community powered reputation database
-Guaranteed hassle free experience for your loyal and repeating customers with easy to manage positive and negative lists