Dating and Social Networks

Running a dating or a social networking site means enabling people to share personal information. People share when they feel that is safe to do so which means that you need to keep the door closed to spammers, predators and cyber bullies. It is important to expose and shut down troublemakers before they can strike and cause a mass exodus of scared-off members. provides a comprehensive solution to defend social networking communities from abusive behaviors. Combining an investigative rules engine for spotting characteristics consistent with fraud, a sophisticated device (computer or mobile) identification technique and a multi-million rich device reputation database you can catch the bad guys before they harm your community and damage your reputation. And once you find them you can keep the doors closed to them and deny them a new account regardless of the fake data they might provide you. helps you to:

-Reduce charge-backs by early detection of fraudulent accounts
-Safeguard your members against child predators, stalkers, spammers and chat abusers
-Prevent phishing and account take over
-Monitor predatory and bullying behaviors
-Protect your users from personal harm and identity theft.