Digital Rights

Protection of intellectual property is a primary concern of digital content providers. Piracy, copyright infringements and user-license violations are a major threat for the commercial efficiency and profitability of producers and distributors of software, music, images and the digital media industry.

Digital content providers have a fraud assessment window of seconds since the consumers demand instant delivery and a hassle-free experience. provides you all the data you need to deliver digital media, allow account access and track its use while identifying misused accounts and prevent credit card fraud. The combination of our rules engine, device identification and reputation database can accurately identify good from fraudulent users so you can work on expanding your business and minimize lost revenue.
Fraudpointer can help you to:

-Deliver your digital goods while tracking account usage and ensure copyright protection
-Protect your business from charge-backs
-Instantly identify characteristics leading to fraudulent behaviors
-Increase profit from every subscription by identifying lost opportunities