Internet fraud today brings e-tailers into a daily battle against sophisticated card-not-present (CNP) fraud schemes. In this effort they are forced to adopt higher rejection rates to reduce their risk — at the expense of more sales. While charge-backs is the obvious part of the problem, equivalent is consumer’s claims of fraudulent use of their accounts. This situation puts at risk and both brand reputation and the lifetime of customers. The challenge for e-commerce firms is to grow efficiently and expand in new markets while keeping order rejection and fraud rates low without growing their fraud staff.

Fraudpointers service helps the e-commerce industry to automate this process and reduce fraud losses through a set of tools that increase visibility. Our three dimensional approach creates a real-time prevention net that lets the good customers in and turns the crooks away:

Device fingerprinting: Creating a unique profile per device accessing your website can help identify the use of botnets, relate each device to a set of attributes and discover abnormalities.
Reputation Database: Each device is looked-up against our global reputation database to exposing any negative behaviors and connections.
Suspicious patterns identification: A fully customizable rules engine with industry specific profiles uses over 200 combinations of preset and custom rules to identify suspicious patterns and rate the risk of each transaction.

Our service helps e-tailers to:

-Detect fraudulent transactions quickly and reduce credit card fraud and chargebacks
-Identify Friendly Chargebacks
-Protect against Shipping / Re-shipping Fraud
-Detect Identity Theft at early stage
-Flag abusive Quantities of Accounts
-Detect patterns such as abnormally high volume of transactions coming from a single computer but with multiple credit cards optimized for e-commerce transactions
-Increase the efficiency of your monitoring team and reduce manually reviewed transactions