Financial Services

Financial firms, ranging from small institutions to big banks, are working hard to find the right balance between providing convenience for their customers and at the same time protect them from highly sophisticated criminals. Customers expect from their online banking to make their lives easier and take as granted that their bank will take all measures to keep their online experience safe.

As internet fraud continues to rise, fraud attacks, identity theft scams and security breeches become everyday reality putting financial institutions' reputation and customers confidence at risk. Instead of assembling bigger anti-fraud teams and constantly increase call center capacity, Fraudpointer can assist financial firms to keep account information and personal data safe while reducing costs and increasing the opportunity for top-line growth.

Fraudpointer offers industry specific algorithms, community powered reputation database, an extensive set of validation tests and unprecedented capacity for collecting and analyzing data combined in a user friendly and quick to set up environment.
Our service helps Financial Institutions to:

-Use device intelligence to Identify activity generated from a specific computer or accounts visited by multiple devices
-Detect at early stage account take-over activities and monitor suspect login and transaction attempts
-Prevent new account opening fraud, verify customers, authorize transactions and authenticate users using a management control with over 200 rule combinations
-Use a worldwide database of devices and web transactions to reduce online fraud without any impact or visibility to your customer