Success stories

When asking for a feedback from our world-class customers we become proud of what we have succeeded. Of course the online fraud crime is changing on a daily basis, becoming smarter and smoother. We do the same with our solutions following the modern trends, always dedicated to maintain and spread our success to all parts of the globe.

"Present in 25 countries, our annual turnover in flights is over 100 million euro...after the first 30 days of Fraudpointer’s use we reduced our CNP (Card-Not-Present)  fraud by 93%...and now we have what it takes to get close to 100%...wish we knew about its existence earlier...”

Orestis Papadopoulos, Chief Operational Officer of, the world’s leading online Travel agency

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"Online payment fraud for us was a daily “nightmare” until we discovered Fraudpointer...”

Marianna Mpalothiari , office manager of, unique global agency for predesigned business logos

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"The Russian market is a non-ordinary tough online market, with all modern fraud techniques on payment present...without Fraudpointer we would not be able to survive due to the daily attacks and losses...”

Penny Rizou, Financial Officer of, the number one online Travel agency in Russia 

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